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Posters and Presentations

Available posters and presentations highlighting research projects

ASMS 2009 Posters and Oral Presentations

Anderson - IMS Data Analysis Pipeline Data Analysis Pipeline for Ion Mobility Spectrometry-based Proteomics
Gordon A. Anderson, AR Shah, ES Baker, N Tolic, AD Polpitiya, AM Mayampurath, BH Clowers, R Zhao, ME Belov, and RD Smith.
Ansong - Quantitative LC-MS of Salmonella Typhimurium Application of label-free quantitative LC-MS-based proteomics for biomarker identification in Salmonella Typhimurium
Charles Ansong, H Yoon, HM Brewer, MA Gritsenko, JN Adkins, F Heffron, and RD Smith.
Beagley - Efficient Storage of Multidimensional Data An Optimized Data Compression Strategy for Efficient Storage and Analysis for Multidimensional Separations and Mass Spectrometry
Nathaniel Beagley, C Scherrer, Y Shi, BH Clowers, WF Danielson, AR Shah, AM Mayampurath, GA Anderson, and RD Smith.
Belov - Multiplexed IMS-TOF_MS On-Line Chromatography/ Dynamically Multiplexed Ion Mobility Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry for High Throughput Proteomics
Mikhail Belov, William Danielson, Yehia Ibrahim, David Prior, Erin Baker, Rui Zhao, Daniel López-Ferrer, Brianne Petritis, and Richard Smith.
Burnum - Termite Hindgut Microbial Community Metaproteome Metaproteome Analysis of a Termite Hindgut Microbial Community: Relevant to Biofuel Development (slides from oral presentation)
Kristin E Burnum, SJ Callister, CD Nicora, RD Smith, P Hugenholtz, F Warnecke, RH Scheffrahn, and MS Lipton.
Chowdhury - CLIP cross-linker CLIP: A cross-linker for enrichment and confident identification of protein cross-linking sites by mass spectrometry
Saiful M. Chowdhury, Xiuxia Du, N Tolic, AD Polpitiya, RJ Moore, JR Cort, MU Mayer, RD Smith, JN Adkins.
Danielson - Unified Data Format for IMS-TOF-MS A New Unified Data Format for Ion Mobility-Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
William F Danielson III, Y Shi, AM Mayampurath, BH Clowers, N Beagley, AR Shah, ME Belov, GA Anderson, and RD Smith.
Hixson - Ultra-Rapid Pressure Digestion of Yersiniae Infected Mice Tissues Ultra-Rapid Pressure Digestion and Label-Free Quantitative Proteomics of Yersiniae Infected Mice Tissues\
Kim K. Hixson, D López-Ferrer, M Bender, PL Worsham, KK Weitz, N Lawrence, A Rasley, TW Clauss, L Paša-Tolic, RD Smith, MS Lipton.
Ibrahim - Ion Mobility-Tandem MS Characterization of a Novel Ion Mobility-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Approach
Yehia M. Ibrahim, ME Belov, DC Prior, WF Danielson III, and RD Smith.
López-Ferrer - On-Line Multiplexed Enzyme Digestions Improved Protein Coverage and Throughput in Proteomics using On-Line Multiplexed Enzyme Digestions and Targeted MS/MS with a Modified LTQ-FTICR
Daniel López-Ferrer, K Petritis, A Liyu, JH Lee, SW Lee, B Cañas, KK Hixson, RD Smith and ME Belov.
Marginean - Electrospray Ion Source Performance Performance of the electrospray ion source during reversed-phase LC-MS analyses
Ioan Marginean, R Kelly, R Moore, D Prior, BL LaMarche, K Tang, RD Smith.
Moore - Optimization of a LC-FTMS proteomics pipeline Optimization of a LC-FTMS proteomics pipeline for high throughput and confident peptide identifications
Ronald J. Moore, AV Tolmachev, AK Shukla, TRW Clauss, R Zhang, DJ Anderson, KK Weitz, BO Petritis, and RD Smith.
Norbeck - Oceanic Microbial Community Proteomics Computationally Intensive Oceanic Microbial Community High Throughput Proteomics
Angela D. Norbeck, C Oehmen, ME Monroe, CD Nicora, AD Polpitiya, HM Brewer, SM Sowell, L Constan, SJ Giovannoni, SJ Hallam, L Paša-Tolic, MS Lipton, RD Smith.
Page - Electrospray Ionization in Sub-ambient Pressures Towards total ion utilization: Electrospray ionization in a sub-ambient pressure environment for high sensitivity mass spectrometry (slides from oral presentation)
Jason S. Page, I Marginean, RT Kelly, K Tang, and RD Smith.
Polpitiya - Quantitative Analysis Methods in Proteomics Quantitative Analysis Methods in Proteomics
Ashoka D. Polpitiya, WJ Qian, VA Petyuk, JN Adkins, GA Anderson, RD Smith.
Purvine - Comparison of Proteogenomic Approaches Comparison of Proteogenomic Approaches Across Kingdoms: A Joint Effort in Gene Modeling
Samuel Purvine, KK Hixson, C Nicora, M Aklujkar, EA Panisko, LA McCue, ME Monroe, A Lykidis, N Kyrpides, D Auberry, D Lovely, I Grigoriev, S Baker, MS Lipton, GA Anderson, and RD Smith.
Robinson - Intact Protein Separations with On-Line Digestion Characterization of protein isoforms using tandem MS of intact and on-line digested proteins from a single intact protein HPLC separation
Errol W. Robinson, Z Tian, N Tolic, D López-Ferrer, K Petritis, JN Adkins, RD Smith, L Paša-Tolic.
Shah - Tandem MS Data Acquisition Logic Invigorating the Mass Spectrometer: Software Solution for Tandem MS
Anuj R. Shah, ME Monroe, N Jaitly, N Zuljevic, A Liyu, A Wynne, AD Polpitiya, JN Adkins, I Gorton, GA Anderson, ME Belov, RD Smith.
Shvartsburg - Ultrafast FAIMS/MS Analyses in Multichannel Microchips Ultrafast FAIMS/MS Analyses at Extreme Electric Fields in Multichannel Microchips (slides from oral presentation)
Alexandre A. Shvartsburg, K Tang, RD Smith, M Holden, A Thompson, M Rush, A Koehl, D Ruiz-Alonso, D Toutoungi, and B Boyle.
Tang - Emitter Array for Sensitive and Quantitative LC-MS Bridging the micro-flow LC and nano-flow ESI: An emitter array ion source for sensitive and quantitative LC-MS analyses
Keqi Tang, JS Page, RT Kelly, I Marginean, ES Baker and RD Smith.
Tolmachev - Coulombic Ion-Ion Repulsion Effects in IMS Fundamentals of Coulombic Ion-Ion Repulsion Effects in Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Aleksey V. Tolmachev, Brian H. Clowers, Mikhail E. Belov and Richard D. Smith.