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Journal Publications by year


All publications that result from utilization of the Resource must acknowledge NIGMS grant support. Please include the following acknowledgment statement:

Portions of this research were supported by the NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences (GM103493), and the W.R. Wiley Environmental Molecular Science Laboratory (a national scientific user facility sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Biological and Environmental Research and located at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory). Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is operated by Battelle Memorial Institute for the U.S. Department of Energy under contract DE-AC05-76RLO-1830.

2015 Journal Publications

"Rectangular ion funnel: a new ion funnel interface for structures for lossless ion manipulations," T. C. Chen, I. K. Webb, S. A Prost, M. B. Harrer, R. V. Norheim, K. Tang, Y. M. Ibrahim, and R. D. Smith, Anal. Chem., 87 (1): 716-722 (2015).
PMCID: PMC4287841

"Improved ion optics for introduction of ions into a 9.4-T Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer," Y. Chen, F. E. Leach III, N. K. Kaiser, X. Dang, Y. M. Ibrahim, R. V. Norheim, G. A. Anderson, R. D. Smith, and A. G. Marshall, J Mass Spectrom., 50 (1): 280-284 (2015).
PMCID: PMC4300554

"On the ionization and ion transmission efficiencies of different ESI-MS interfaces," J. T. Cox, I. Marginean, R. D. Smith, and K. Tang, J Am Soc Mass Spectrom., 26 (1): 55-62 (2015).
PMCID: PMC4276539

"Sensitive targeted quantification of ERK phosphorylation dynamics and stoichiometry in human cells without affinity enrichment," T. Shi, Y. Gao, M. J. Gaffrey, C. D. Nicora, T. L. Fillmore, W. B. Chrisler, M. A. Gritsenko, C. Wu, J. He, K. J. Bloodsworth, R. Zhao, D. G. Camp II, T. Liu, K. D. Rodland, R. D. Smith, H. S. Wiley, and W.-J. Qian, Anal Chem., 87 (2): 1103-1110 (2015).
PMCID: PMC4365449