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Posters and Presentations

Available posters and presentations highlighting research projects

2008 Resarch Posters and Presentations

Jaffe, Jaitly, and Monroe - LC-MS Based Proteomics Data Extraction and Analysis for LC-MS Based Proteomics
Josh Adkins, Jake Jaffe, Deep Jaitly, and Matthew Monroe
Workshop presented at US HUPO 2008. For more information see the Past Workshops page
Monroe - Informatics Advanced Informatics Software for Analyzing LC-MS Based Proteomics Data
Matthew E. Monroe, N Jaitly, AD Polpitiya, AM Mayampurath, BL LaMarche, KJ Auberry, JN Adkins, GA Anderson, and RD Smith.
Polpitiya - DAnTE DAnTE: a statistical tool for quantitative analysis of proteomics data
Ashoka D. Polpitiya, WJ Qian, N Jaitly, VA Petyuk, JN Adkins, DG Camp II, GA Anderson, and RD Smith.

ASMS 2008 Posters and Oral Presentations

Baker - LC-IMS-MS Characterization and Use of Cross Sections from Features in LC-IMS-MS Experiments
Erin S. Baker, AM Mayampurath, BH Clowers, N Jaitly, GA Anderson, R Zhao, K Tang, EA Livesay, DJ Orton, WF Danielson III, DC Prior, ME Belov, and RD Smith.
Belov - High-Throughput Ion Mobility TOF MS High-Throughput Proteomics Platform Based on Ion Mobility Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (slides from oral presentation)
Mikhail E. Belov, BH Clowers, DC Prior, WF Danielson, DJ Orton, EA Livesay, BO Petritis, and RD Smith.
Chowdhury - Protein-protein cross-linking Profiling protein-protein interactions in vivo by cross-linking and mass spectrometry (slides from oral presentation)
Saiful M. Chowdhury, L Shi, X Du, MU Mayer, N Tolic, H Yoon, RJ Moore, AD Norbeck, F Heffron, JN. Adkins, and RD Smith.
Clowers - Mass Accuracy in IMS Mass Accuracy and Dynamic Range in Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry Measurements
Brian H. Clowers, ME Belov, DC Prior, WF Danielson III, and RD Smith.
Heibeck - Receptor Tyrosine Signaling Analysis of Receptor Tyrosine Signaling in Stimulated Human Mammary Epithelial Cells
Tyler Heibeck, SJ Ding, L Opresko, R Zhao, F Yang, A Schepmoes, ME Monroe, DG Camp, RD. Smith, HS Wiley, and WJ Qian.
Jaitly - A Statistical Approach to Quantifying AMT tag Uncertainties A Statistical Approach to Quantifying Uncertainties in the Accurate Mass and Time (AMT) tag Pipeline (slides from oral presentation)
Navdeep Jaitly, JN Adkins, ME Monroe, AD Norbeck, HM Mottaz, AR Dabney, MS Lipton, GA Anderson, and RD Smith.
Kelly - Microchip Electrospray Emitters Microchip Electrospray Emitters for Stable Cone-Jet Mode Operation in the Nano-Flow Regime
Ryan T. Kelly, K Tang, D Irimia, M Toner, and RD Smith.
Liu - Quantitative Proteomics Analysis Using MRM Sensitive Targeted Quantitative Proteomics Analysis Using Multiple Reaction Monitoring with a Novel ESI Interface
DT Kaleta, EW Robinson, Tao Liu, WJ Qian, RT Kelly, JS Page, K Tang, HM Mottaz, DG Camp II, and RD Smith.
LopezFerrer - Pressurized Solvents for Ultra-Fast Proteolysis Application of Pressurized Solvents for Ultra-Fast Proteolysis: Proteomics on the Fly
Daniel Lopez-Ferrer, K Petritis, NM Lourette, B Clowers, KK Hixson, T Heibeck, E Livesay, R Kelly, DC Prior, L Pasa-Tolic, ME Belov, DG Camp II, and RD Smith.
Petritis - Immunoaffinity Separation for Human Plasma Proteins Novel Tandem IgY12-SuperMix Immunoaffinity Separation Strategy for Enhanced Detection of Low-Abundant Human Plasma Proteins
Wei-Jun Qian, DT Kaleta, BO Petritis, H Jiang, T Liu, X Zhang, HM Mottaz-Brewer, SM Varnum, DG Camp II, L Huang, X Fang, WW Zhang, and RD Smith.
Page - Subambient Pressure Ionization with Nanoelectrospray A New Ionization Source for Mass Spectrometry: Subambient Pressure Ionization with Nanoelectrospray (SPIN)
Jason S. Page, K Tang, RT Kelly, and RD Smith.
Pasa-Tolic - Quantitation of Intact Phosphoproteins An integrated workflow for identification and quantitation of intact phosphoproteins
Ljiljana Pasa-Tolic, S Wu, F Yang, R Zhao, NM Lourette, N Tolic, KK Hixson, SJ Callister, S Kaplan, and RD Smith.
Petritis - SCX LC Peptide Retention Time Prediction Strong cation exchange LC peptide retention time prediction and its application in proteomics
Konstantinos Petritis, LJ Kangas, N Jaitly, ME Monroe, D Lopez-Ferrer, RA Maxwell, A Mayampurath, BO Petritis, HM Mottaz, MS Lipton, DG Camp, and RD Smith.
Qian - Quantitative Blood Leukocyte Proteomics for Severe Trauma Patients Analysis of the Inflammatory and Immune Response to Injury by Quantitative Blood Leukocyte Proteomics for Severe Trauma Patients
Wei-Jun Qian, BO Petritis, AA Schepmoes, RJ Moore, C Miller-Graziano, LL Moldawer, RV Maier, RG Tompkins, EG Camp, and RD Smith.
Robinson - Dynamic Ejection of High Abundance Ions Using dynamic ejection of high abundance ions to enhance the dynamic range of LTQ-FT proteomics measurements (slides from oral presentation)
Errol W. Robinson, ME Belov, A Liyu, DC Prior, and RD Smith.
Sorenson - AMT Lipidomics Studies of Type 1 Diabetes Application of the accurate mass and time tag approach in lipidomics studies of type 1 diabetes mellitus
Christina M. Sorensen, J Ding, Q Zhang, PW Mueller, RD Smith, and TO Metz.
Tolmachev - LC-MS Proteomics using Hybrid FT Instruments Strategies for obtaining confident identifications in high coverage, high throughput LC-MS proteomics measurements using hybrid FT instruments
Aleksey V. Tolmachev, ME Monroe, RJ Moore, SO Purvine, JN Adkins, GA Anderson, and RD Smith.
Wu - Integrated Top-Down and Bottom-Up Strategy Proteome profiling using an integrated top-down and bottom-up strategy
Si Wu, EW Robinson, N Lourette, N Tolic, R Zhao, NP Manes, RA Maxwell, RD Estep, SW Wong, JN Adkins, RD Smith, and L Pasa-Tolic.
Yang - Spatial Mapping of the Neurite and Soma Proteomes Spatial Mapping of the Neurite and Soma Proteomes Reveals a Functional Cdc42/Rac Regulatory Network
Feng Yang, OC Pertz, Y Wang, W Wang, LJ Gay, MA Gristenko, TR Clauss, DJ Anderson, T Liu, KJ Auberry, DG Camp II, RL Klemke, and RD Smith.
Zhang - Neurotoxin-Induced Parkinsons Disease Model Profiling Changes in Mouse Brain Protein Abundance in a Neurotoxin-Induced Parkinson's Disease Model
Xu Zhang, MH Chin, AA Schepmoes, VA Petyuk, DJ Anderson, DG Camp, DJ Smith, RD Smith, and WJ Qian.