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Posters and Presentations

Available posters and presentations highlighting research projects

2009 Presentations

Anderson - Quantitation Quantitation and Validation: "Can We Believe These Results?"
Gordon A. Anderson
Anderson, Ansong, Monroe, and Polpitiya - LC-MS Based Proteomics Data Extraction and Analysis for LC-MS Based Proteomics
Gordon Anderson, Charles Ansong, Matthew Monroe, and Ashoka Polpitiya
Workshop presented at US HUPO 2009. For more information see the Past Workshops page

ASMS 2009 Posters and Oral Presentations

Anderson - IMS Data Analysis Pipeline Data Analysis Pipeline for Ion Mobility Spectrometry-based Proteomics
Gordon A. Anderson, AR Shah, ES Baker, N Tolic, AD Polpitiya, AM Mayampurath, BH Clowers, R Zhao, ME Belov, and RD Smith.
Ansong - Quantitative LC-MS of Salmonella Typhimurium Application of label-free quantitative LC-MS-based proteomics for biomarker identification in Salmonella Typhimurium
Charles Ansong, H Yoon, HM Brewer, MA Gritsenko, JN Adkins, F Heffron, and RD Smith.
Beagley - Efficient Storage of Multidimensional Data An Optimized Data Compression Strategy for Efficient Storage and Analysis for Multidimensional Separations and Mass Spectrometry
Nathaniel Beagley, C Scherrer, Y Shi, BH Clowers, WF Danielson, AR Shah, AM Mayampurath, GA Anderson, and RD Smith.
Belov - Multiplexed IMS-TOF_MS On-Line Chromatography/ Dynamically Multiplexed Ion Mobility Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry for High Throughput Proteomics
Mikhail Belov, William Danielson, Yehia Ibrahim, David Prior, Erin Baker, Rui Zhao, Daniel López-Ferrer, Brianne Petritis, and Richard Smith.
Burnum - Termite Hindgut Microbial Community Metaproteome Metaproteome Analysis of a Termite Hindgut Microbial Community: Relevant to Biofuel Development (slides from oral presentation)
Kristin E Burnum, SJ Callister, CD Nicora, RD Smith, P Hugenholtz, F Warnecke, RH Scheffrahn, and MS Lipton.
Chowdhury - CLIP cross-linker CLIP: A cross-linker for enrichment and confident identification of protein cross-linking sites by mass spectrometry
Saiful M. Chowdhury, Xiuxia Du, N Tolic, AD Polpitiya, RJ Moore, JR Cort, MU Mayer, RD Smith, JN Adkins.
Danielson - Unified Data Format for IMS-TOF-MS A New Unified Data Format for Ion Mobility-Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
William F Danielson III, Y Shi, AM Mayampurath, BH Clowers, N Beagley, AR Shah, ME Belov, GA Anderson, and RD Smith.
Hixson - Ultra-Rapid Pressure Digestion of Yersiniae Infected Mice Tissues Ultra-Rapid Pressure Digestion and Label-Free Quantitative Proteomics of Yersiniae Infected Mice Tissues\
Kim K. Hixson, D López-Ferrer, M Bender, PL Worsham, KK Weitz, N Lawrence, A Rasley, TW Clauss, L Paša-Tolic, RD Smith, MS Lipton.
Ibrahim - Ion Mobility-Tandem MS Characterization of a Novel Ion Mobility-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Approach
Yehia M. Ibrahim, ME Belov, DC Prior, WF Danielson III, and RD Smith.
López-Ferrer - On-Line Multiplexed Enzyme Digestions Improved Protein Coverage and Throughput in Proteomics using On-Line Multiplexed Enzyme Digestions and Targeted MS/MS with a Modified LTQ-FTICR
Daniel López-Ferrer, K Petritis, A Liyu, JH Lee, SW Lee, B Cañas, KK Hixson, RD Smith and ME Belov.
Marginean - Electrospray Ion Source Performance Performance of the electrospray ion source during reversed-phase LC-MS analyses
Ioan Marginean, R Kelly, R Moore, D Prior, BL LaMarche, K Tang, RD Smith.
Moore - Optimization of a LC-FTMS proteomics pipeline Optimization of a LC-FTMS proteomics pipeline for high throughput and confident peptide identifications
Ronald J. Moore, AV Tolmachev, AK Shukla, TRW Clauss, R Zhang, DJ Anderson, KK Weitz, BO Petritis, and RD Smith.
Norbeck - Oceanic Microbial Community Proteomics Computationally Intensive Oceanic Microbial Community High Throughput Proteomics
Angela D. Norbeck, C Oehmen, ME Monroe, CD Nicora, AD Polpitiya, HM Brewer, SM Sowell, L Constan, SJ Giovannoni, SJ Hallam, L Paša-Tolic, MS Lipton, RD Smith.
Page - Electrospray Ionization in Sub-ambient Pressures Towards total ion utilization: Electrospray ionization in a sub-ambient pressure environment for high sensitivity mass spectrometry (slides from oral presentation)
Jason S. Page, I Marginean, RT Kelly, K Tang, and RD Smith.
Polpitiya - Quantitative Analysis Methods in Proteomics Quantitative Analysis Methods in Proteomics
Ashoka D. Polpitiya, WJ Qian, VA Petyuk, JN Adkins, GA Anderson, RD Smith.
Purvine - Comparison of Proteogenomic Approaches Comparison of Proteogenomic Approaches Across Kingdoms: A Joint Effort in Gene Modeling
Samuel Purvine, KK Hixson, C Nicora, M Aklujkar, EA Panisko, LA McCue, ME Monroe, A Lykidis, N Kyrpides, D Auberry, D Lovely, I Grigoriev, S Baker, MS Lipton, GA Anderson, and RD Smith.
Robinson - Intact Protein Separations with On-Line Digestion Characterization of protein isoforms using tandem MS of intact and on-line digested proteins from a single intact protein HPLC separation
Errol W. Robinson, Z Tian, N Tolic, D López-Ferrer, K Petritis, JN Adkins, RD Smith, L Paša-Tolic.
Shah - Tandem MS Data Acquisition Logic Invigorating the Mass Spectrometer: Software Solution for Tandem MS
Anuj R. Shah, ME Monroe, N Jaitly, N Zuljevic, A Liyu, A Wynne, AD Polpitiya, JN Adkins, I Gorton, GA Anderson, ME Belov, RD Smith.
Shvartsburg - Ultrafast FAIMS/MS Analyses in Multichannel Microchips Ultrafast FAIMS/MS Analyses at Extreme Electric Fields in Multichannel Microchips (slides from oral presentation)
Alexandre A. Shvartsburg, K Tang, RD Smith, M Holden, A Thompson, M Rush, A Koehl, D Ruiz-Alonso, D Toutoungi, and B Boyle.
Tang - Emitter Array for Sensitive and Quantitative LC-MS Bridging the micro-flow LC and nano-flow ESI: An emitter array ion source for sensitive and quantitative LC-MS analyses
Keqi Tang, JS Page, RT Kelly, I Marginean, ES Baker and RD Smith.
Tolmachev - Coulombic Ion-Ion Repulsion Effects in IMS Fundamentals of Coulombic Ion-Ion Repulsion Effects in Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Aleksey V. Tolmachev, Brian H. Clowers, Mikhail E. Belov and Richard D. Smith.