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Posters and Presentations

Available posters and presentations highlighting research projects

ASMS 2013 Posters and Oral Presentations

Baker - IMS-QTOF MS Platform for Complex Samples Applying a High Throughput IMS-QTOF MS Platform to Complex Samples for Increased Molecular Coverage
Erin Shammel Baker, KE Burnum-Johnson, JM Jacobs, DL Diamond, RN Brown, YM Ibrahim, DJ Orton, PD Piehowki, DE Purdy, RJ Moore, WF Danielson, ME Monroe, KL Crowell, GW Slysz, MA Gritsenko, JD Sandoval, BL LaMarche, MM Matzke, BJ Webb-Robertson, BC Simons, BJ McMahon, R Bhattacharya, JD Perkins, RL Carithers, S Strom, SG Self, EA Torres, MS Lipton, TO Metz, R Kurulugama, A Mordehai, E Darland, G Stafford, MG Katze, GA Anderson, RD Smith
He - PRISM-SRM proteomics Application of an antibody-independent, highly sensitive PRISM-SRM proteomics approach for monitoring TMPRSS2-ERG fusion proteins in prostate cancer cell lines and tumor tissues
Jintang He, X Sun, T Shi, AA Schepmoes, TL Fillmore, VA Petyuk, F Xie, R Zhao, MA Gritsenko, F Yang, N Kitabayashi, SS Chae, MA Rubin, J Siddiqui, JT Wei, AM Chinnaiyan, WJ Qian, RD Smith, J Kagan, S Srivastava, T Liu, KD Rodland, and DG Camp
JS Kim - In-Source Fragmentation In-Source Fragmentation and the Sources of Partially Tryptic Peptides in Shotgun Proteomics
JS Kim, ME Monroe, DG Camp II, RD Smith, and WJ Qian
S Kim - Informed Proteomics Analysis Tool IPA: an Informed Proteomics Analysis Tool for Improved Peptide Identifications
Sangtae Kim, GW Slysz, KL Crowell, SH Payne, GA Anderson, and RD Smith
Merkley - Improved Chemical Cross-linking MS IMS, HCD, and ETD for Improved Chemical Cross-linking Mass Spectrometry
Eric D. Merkley, ES Baker, KL Crowell, DJ Orton, T Taverner, C Ansong, YM Ibrahim, MC Burnet, JR Cort, GA Anderson, RD Smith, A Mukherjee, KD Miner, A Bhagi, Y Lu, and JN Adkins
Qu - utomated IMAC Enrichment for Bacterial Phosphopeptide Analysis Application of Automated IMAC Enrichment for Bacterial Phosphopeptide Analysis
Yi Qu, S Wu, R Zhao, E Zink, DJ Orton, RJ Moore, D Meng, TRW Clauss, JT Aldrich, RD Smith, MS Lipton, and L Paša-Tolić
Shi - Long Gradient Selected Reaction Nonitoring Targeted mass spectrometric approach coupled with long gradient separation enables highly sensitive, large scale protein quantification in a single analysis
Tujin Shi, TL Fillmore, R Zhao, AA Schepmoes, CD Nicora, Y Gao, RJ Moore, T Liu, KD Rodland, K Tang, RD Smith, DG Camp, and WJ Qian
Shvartsburg - Ion Mobility Separations of Protein Conformers Ion Mobility Separations of Protein Conformers with Resolving Power up to 400 Using Hydrogen-Rich Gas Buffers
Alexandre A. Shvartsburg and RD Smith
Wang - Coupling of CITP/CZE with NanoESI-MS Effective Coupling of CITP/CZE with NanoESI-MS using Advanced Interface Technologies for High Sensitivity Sample Quantitation
Chenchen Wang, CS Lee, RD Smith, and K Tang
Wu - Functional characterization of microbial proteins using top-down proteomics Functional characterization of microbial proteins using top-down proteomics
Si Wu, C Ansong, D Meng, R Zhao, N Tolić, L Cao, Y Qu, S Payne, RJ Moore, M Lipton, JN Adkins, and L Paša-Tolić