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Posters and Presentations

Available posters and presentations highlighting research projects

14th Human Proteome Organization (HUPO), Vancouver, Canada

Very Long Path Length Ion Mobility Separations using Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulations
Richard D. Smith, Ian K. Webb, Ahmed Hamid, Sandilya Garimella, Yehia M. Ibrahim, Aleksey V. Tolmachev, Spencer A. Prost, Gordon A. Anderson and Erin S. Baker
Visual and Intuitive Access to Repository Data
Grant M Fujimoto, Michael Degan, Christopher O Overall, Lillian Ryadinskiy, Christopher Wilkins, Joon-Yong Lee, Richard D Smith, Samuel H Payne

250th ACS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA

Ion Utilization Efficiency: An Effective Way to Compare Different ESI-MS Interfaces
Keqi Tang

Invited speaker at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing, China

Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics Application in Human Health and Bioenergy
Wei-Jun Qian

ASMS 2015 Posters and Oral Presentations

Ion mobility-selected trapping and enrichment in Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulations
Tsung-Chi Chen, Jeremy A. Sandoval, Spencer A. Prost, William E. Karnesky, Xing Zhang, Ian K. Webb, Ahmed M. Hamid, Randy Norheim, Erin S. Baker, Yehia M. Ibrahim and Richard D. Smith
Proteomic Profiling of S-Glutathionylation Reveals Broad Redox Regulation in Response to Nanoparticle-induced Oxidative Stress in Macrophages
Jicheng Duan, Vamsi K. Kodali, Matthew J. Gaffrey, JiaGuo, Rosalie K. Chu, Ronald J. Moore, David G. Camp, Richard D. Smith,2, Brian D. Thrall, and Wei-Jun Qian
Computational Evaluation of an Ion Peak Compression Concept for Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Sandilya V.B. Garimella, Yehia M. Ibrahim, Gordon A. Anderson, Richard D. Smith
High resolution traveling wave ion mobility separations using Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulations (SLIM)
Ahmed M. Hamid, Yehia M. Ibrahim, Ian K. Webb, Sandilya V. B. Garimella, Gordon A. Anderson, Aleksey V. Tolmachev, Tsung-Chi Chen, Spencer A. Prost, Randolph V. Norheim and Richard D. Smith
MSPathFinder Open Source Software Package for Top-Down Proteomics
Sangtae Kim, Christopher S. Wilkins, Jungkap Park, Paul D. Piehowski, Anil K. Shukla, Yufeng Shen, Samuel H. Payne and Richard D. Smith
Active Data Canvas: web-based visual analytic tool to link data to knowledge
Joon-Yong Lee, Ryan Wilson, Gary R. Kiebel, Grant M. Fujimoto, Michael G. Degan, Vladislav A. Petyuk, Richard D. Smith, Nick Cramer, and Samuel H. Payne
Utilizing High Throughput IMS-MS Measurements to Study Noncovalent Protein/Ligand Interaction Kinetics
Daniel J. Orton, Ryan T. Kelly, Yehia M. Ibrahim, Xing Zhang, John R. Cort, Richard D. Smithand Erin S. Baker
ProMex: a New Feature Extraction Algorithm for Top-down Mass Spectrometry based on Summed Spectra
Jungkap Park, Paul D. Piehowski, Christopher S. Wilkins, Anil K. Shukla, Yufeng Shen, Samuel H. Payne, Richard D. Smith and Sangtae Kim
Development and Application of a Simple Nano-Proteomic Platform (SNaPP) for Effective Analysis of Sub-microgram Proteome Samples
Paul D. Piehowski, Eric L. Huang, Daniel J. Orton, Ronald J. Moore, William B. Chrisler, Rosalie K. Chu, Kristin E. Burnum-Johnson, Xiaofei Sun, SudhansaK. Dey, Tao Liu, Wei-Jun Qian, and Richard D. Smith
Global and Targeted Quantification of Seven Human Cell Lines Reveals the Correlation of Cell Type-Specific Responses with Feedback Regulators
Tujin Shi, Yuqian Gao, Matthew J. Gaffrey, William B. Chrisler, Thomas L. Fillmore, Carrie D. Nicora, MengMarkillie, Karin D. Rodland, Jason McDermott, Mario Niepel, Peter Sorger, Richard D. Smith,2, H. Steven Wiley, and Wei-Jun Qian
Absolute quantification of key pathway proteins reveals SOS1 as the potential bottleneck of ERK response in the Ras/MAPK pathway
Tujin Shi, Mario Niepel, Carrie D. Nicora, Yuqian Gao, William B. Chrisler, Matthew J. Gaffrey, Thomas L. Fillmore, Ronald J. Moore, Vladislav A. Petyuk, Tao Liu, David G. Camp II, Richard D. Smith, Karin D. Rodland, Peter K. Sorger, H. Steven Wiley, Wei-Jun Qian
Very Long Path Length Ion Mobility Separations using Structures Lossless Ion Manipulations
Richard D. Smith, Ian K. Webb, Ahmed Hamid, Sandilya Garimella, Yehia M. Ibrahim, Aleksey V. Tolmachev, Spencer A. Proust, Gordon A. Anderson and Erin S. Baker
Characterizing an ESI-MS Interface Based on the Ion Utilization Efficiency
Jonathan T. Cox, IoanMarginean, Richard D. Smith, Keqi Tang
Effective potentials in SLIM employing planar arrays of RF electrodes with DC inserts
Aleksey V. Tolmachev, Yehia M. Ibrahim, Sandilya V.B.Garimella and Richard D. Smith
Direct Real-Time Monitoring and Assessment of Single-Leaf Carbon Fixation and Respiration Rates for Arabidopsis thalianaby Mass Spectrometry
Karl K. Weitz, Kim K. Hixson, Mary S. Lipton, Ronald J. Moore, Therese Rw. Clauss, Laurence B. Davin, Norman G. Lewis, and Richard D. Smith
The PNNL Proteomics Biodiversity Library
Samuel H Payne, Matthew E Monroe, Gary R Kiebel, Grant Fujimoto, Christopher Overall, Michael Degan, Bryson Gibbons, Samuel O Purvine, Mary S Lipton, Richard D Smith