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Available posters and presentations highlighting research projects

ASMS 2017 Posters and Oral Presentations

Simultaneous and co-located dual polarity ion confinement and mobility separation in traveling wave-based structures for lossless ion manipulations (SLIM)
Isaac K. AttaSh, Sandilya V.B. Garimella, Yehia M. Ibrahim, Ian K. Webb, Aneesh Prabhakaran, and Richard D. Smith
Development of a SLIM SUPER TWIM-MS Application Platform for Multi-Omics
Christopher D. Chouinard, Ian K. Webb, Spencer A. Prost, Yehia M. Ibrahim, Liulin Deng, XueyuenZheng, Randolph V. Norheim, Colby E. Schimelfenig, Erin S. Baker, Richard D. Smith
Compression Ratio Ion Mobility Programming in Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulations
Sandilya V.SB. Garimella, Yehia M. Ibrahim, Ahmed M. Hamid, Liulin Deng, Ian K. Webb, Erin S. Baker, Richard D. Smith
Towards Serpentine Ultra long ion Path with Extended Routing (SUPER) Ion Mobility using Traveling Waves in Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulations (SLIM)
Ahmed M. Hamid, Sandilya V. B. Garimella, Yehia M. Ibrahim, Liulin Deng, Aneesh Prabhakaran, Ian K. Webb, Gordon A. Anderson, Spencer A. Prost, Randolph V. Norheim, Jeremy A. Sandoval, Colby E. Schimelfenig, Erin S. Baker and Richard D. Smith
A carrier-assisted targeted mass spectrometry approach for proteomics analysis of single cells
Tujin Shi, Matthew J. Gaffrey, Thomas L. Fillmore, Song Nie, Carrie D. Nicora, H. Steven Wiley, Karin D. Rodland, Tao Liu, Richard D. Smith, and Wei-Jun Qian
Ultrasensitive SLIM Serpentine Ultra-long Path with Extended Routing(SUPER) high resolution ion mobility-MS using large ion populations and peak compression
R. D. Smith, LS. Deng, A. M. Hamid, I. K. Webb, S. V. B. Garimella, R. Wojcik, X. Y. Zheng, C. D. Chouinard, S. A. Prost, G.A. Anderson, E. S. Baker, Y. M. Ibrahim
Collision Cross Section Calibration with Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulations
Ian K. Webb, Noor A. Aly, Xueyun Zheng, Liulin Deng, Ahmed M. Hamid, Roza Wojcik, Erin S. Baker, Yehia M. Ibrahim, Thomas O. Metz, Richard D. Smith
Targeted quantification of protein phosphorylation in the epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathway
Lian Yi, Tujin Shi, Thomas L. Fillmore, Marina A Gritsenko, Adam C. Swensen, Therese RW Clauss, Yuqian Gao, Tao Liu, Richard D. Smith,2, H. Steven Wiley, Wei-Jun Qian