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Journal Publications by year

2017 Journal Publications

"Comparing identified and statistically significant lipids and polar metabolites in 15-year old serum and dried blood spot samples for longitudinal studies," J. E. Kyle, C. P. Casey, K. G. Stratton, E. M. Zink, Y. M. Kim, X. Zheng, M. E. Monroe, K. K. Weitz, K. J. Bloodsworth, D. J. Orton, Y. M. Ibrahim, R. J. Moore, C. G. Lee, C. Pedersen, E. Orwoll, R. D. Smith, K. E. Burnum-Johnson, and E. S. Baker, Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom. 31 (5): 447-456 (2017).
PMCID: PMC5292309

"Derivation of the statistical distribution of the mass peak centroids of mass spectrometers employing analog-to digital converters and electron multipliers," A. Ipsen, Anal Chem. 89 (4): 2232-2241 (2017). PMCID:28194947

"Enhancing glycan isomer separations with metal ions and positive and negative polarity ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry analyses," X. Zheng, X. Zhang, N. S. Schocker, R. S. Renslow, D. J. Orton, J. Khamsi, R. A. Ashmus, I. C. Almeida, K. Tang, C. E. Costello, R. D. Smith, K. Michael, and E. S. Baker, Anal Bioanal Chem., 409 (2) 467-476 (2017).
PMID: 27604268, PMCID: PMC5434874, NIHMS ID: NIHMS860020

"Identification of hip BMD loss and fracture risk markers through population –based serum proteomics," C. M. Nielson, J. Wiedrick, J. Shen, J. Jacobs, E. S. Baker, A. Baraff, P. Piehowski, C. G. Lee, A. Baratt, V. Petyuk, S. McWeeney, J. Y. Lim, D. C. Bauer, N. E. Lane, P. M. Cawthon, R. D. Smith, J. Lapidusk, and E. S. Orwoll, J Bone Miner Res., Epub ahead of print (2017).
PMID: 28316103, PMCID: PMC5489383, NIHMS ID: NIHMS860664

"Ion elevators and escalators in multi-level structures for lossless ion manipulations (SLIM)," Y. M. Ibrahim, A. M. Hamid, J. T. Cox, S. V. B. Garimella, and R. D. Smith, Anal Chem. 89: 1972-1977 (2017).
PMID: 28208272, PMCID: PMC5470846, NIHMS ID: NIHMS861879

"Lipid and glycolipid isomer analyses using ultra-high resolution ion mobility spectrometry separations," R. Wojcik, I. K. Webb, L. Deng, S. V. Garimella, S. A. Prost, Y. M. Ibrahim, E. S. Baker, and R. D. Smith, Int J Mol Sci. 18 (1): E183 (2017).
PMID: 28106768, PMCID: PMC5297815

"MPLEx: a method for simultaneous pathogen inactivation and extraction of samples for multi-omics profiling," K. E. Burnum-Johnson, J. E. Kyle, A. J. Eisfeld, C. P. Casey, K. G. Stratton, J. F. Gonzalez, F. Habyarimana, N. M. Negretti, A. C. Sims, S. Chauhan, L. B. Thackray, P. J. Halfmann, K. B. Walters, Y. M. Kim, E. M. Zink, C. D. Nicora, K. K. Weitz, B. M. Webb-Robertson, E. S. Nakayasu, B. Ahmer, M. E. Konkel, V. Motin, R. S. Baric, M. S. Diamond, Y. Kawaoka, K. M. Waters, R. D. Smith, and T. O. Metz, Analyst 142 (3): 442-448 (2017).
PMID: 28091625, PMCID: PMC5283721

"New frontiers for mass spectrometry based upon structures for lossless ion manipulations," Y. M. Ibrahim, A. M. Hamid, L. Deng, S. V. Garimella, I. K. Webb, E. S. Baker, and R. D. Smith, Analyst, [Epub ahead of printer] (2017).
PMID: 28262893, PMCID: PMC5431593, NIHMS ID: NIHMS857612

"Redeploying β-lactam antibiotics as a novel antivirulence strategy for the treatment for the treatment of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus infections," E. M. Waters, J. K. Rudkin, S. Coughlan, G. C. Clair, J. N. Adkins, S. Gore, G. Xia, N. S. Black, T. Downing, E. O’Neill, A. Kadioglu, and J. P. O’Gara, J Infect Dis. 215 (1): 80-87 (2017).
PMID: 28077586, PMCID: PMC5225249


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